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  • Collection: College Church Biracial Study Group

Letter from Anthony (Tony) Sherman to Mr. (Rev.) Richard J. Keever about Mr. Sherman’s thesis manuscript “Christian Response and a Protracted Racial Crisis: A Study of Prince Edward County,” VA. August 8, 1973 / Individuals referenced: Taylor Reveley

June 21, 1965 letter to the Congregation of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / Arthur M. Field's resignation letter to the Congregation of College Church / Individuals referenced: Arthur M. Field

February 17, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / "As we are all well aware, there is considerable concern felt in College Church over the activities of the Tuesday night study group on Presbyterian doctrine, and…

June 28, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / "In response to unceasing pressure of many types and from many sources, I have decided to request the bi-racial worship and study group, which developed out of the…

April 22, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / A letter discussing the potential for a county-wide interracial study group similar to that at College Presbyterian Church, Hampden-Sydney College

April 30, 1965 Proposed letter to the congregation / A draft of a letter to the congregation explaining the Reverend's "participation in interracial affairs" within the community. / Individuals referenced: Robert Taylor, Francis Griffin

Memo To: The Board of Supervisors, Prince Edward County, From: Citizens for Public Education. May 31, 1965 / A list of recommendations for the 1965-66 proposed budget.

Prince Edward County Representatives / The names and contact information for the: the school trustees, school board members, and board of supervisors. / Individuals referenced: Doctor J. H. Cocks, E. T. Bondurant, D. C. Morris, George W. Palmer,…

Typewritten letter to Hon. George M. Palmer from Marvin W. Schlegel, President Prince Edward Council on Human Relations. May 20, 1965 / The letter asks for the Senator's help in obtaining support from the school board in Project Headstart /…

A Christian Communique, page 1, number 1. Includes An Historical Review of theological study group that began meeting in August 1962 / "The inter-racial study group which has been meeting in the basement of College Church will hold the next session…

An Open Letter from Citizens for Public Education to the White Parents of Prince Edward County / In the letter, it is explained that registration forms for the Prince Edward Foundation schools (Academy) are legally binding contracts. The letter also…

Basic Information School Officials and Important Dates details appointment of school board members, meetings, and important dates for the board. / Individuals referenced: Dr. J. H. Cocks, E. T. Bondurant, D. C. Morris, George W. Palmer, Ray Moore…

Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 2. Biracial Study Group / "The Biracial Study Group met for the tenth time in the basement of College Presbyterian Church at 8:00 pm, June 2, Dr. Joseph Clower conducted a brief devotional. The Reverend Arthur Field led a…

Citizens Organization for Public Education (COPE) Constitution / "Purpose: The general intent of this organization is to foster and promote good citizenship through informed and responsible participation in the total life of our country, as described…

Typed document starting “Differences of opinion about its role in dealing with current social issues often cause tension in a church. Here, frequently, a wide gulf between pulpit and pew shows up. In many ways, the hardest thing a minister has to do,…
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