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Class of 1791. Son of Capt. John Morton of Morton Hall. Born in Prince Edward County, VA in Nov. 18, 1772. Died Bordeaux, France about 1840. Sent by Mr. [unintelligible] P. Morton Jr. 1936.

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Leiden, ca. 1708-1728; A prolific publisher, editor, and bookseller, Peter vander Aa included the arrival of John Smith to America in his map of Virginia. He published a similar map in his Atlas Nouveau Et Curieux (1714), but with a French title and…

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Philadelphia; Coolie Verner has proposed that this map is most likely "the first separate map of Virginia to be drawn, printed, and published in America." Most earlier maps had been engraved and published in Europe where the best craftsman plied…

Oral History interview between Aaron Moorer and Alphonso O'Neil-White, conducted on April 30, 2021.

Members of the Executive Committee, General Alumni Association, Hampden-Sydney College, VA 1931. Taken October 1931 left to right: Thomas J. McIlwaine, Harold J. Dudley, Wyndham Blanton, Frank S. Johns, Wm. W. Martin, Wm. F. Spotswood, Wm. M. Kemper,…

Letter from Anthony (Tony) Sherman to Mr. (Rev.) Richard J. Keever about Mr. Sherman’s thesis manuscript “Christian Response and a Protracted Racial Crisis: A Study of Prince Edward County,” VA. August 8, 1973 / Individuals referenced: Taylor Reveley

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Oral History Interview between Tyler Lohman and "Chuckie" Reid, conducted on April 22, 2021.

June 21, 1965 letter to the Congregation of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / Arthur M. Field's resignation letter to the Congregation of College Church / Individuals referenced: Arthur M. Field

February 17, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / "As we are all well aware, there is considerable concern felt in College Church over the activities of the Tuesday night study group on Presbyterian doctrine, and…

June 28, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / "In response to unceasing pressure of many types and from many sources, I have decided to request the bi-racial worship and study group, which developed out of the…

April 22, 1964 Memo to the Session of College Church from Arthur M. Field, Jr. / A letter discussing the potential for a county-wide interracial study group similar to that at College Presbyterian Church, Hampden-Sydney College

April 30, 1965 Proposed letter to the congregation / A draft of a letter to the congregation explaining the Reverend's "participation in interracial affairs" within the community. / Individuals referenced: Robert Taylor, Francis Griffin

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Typed on Back: "Dining Hall & Student Activities Bldg. 'The Food may not be as good as Mom's...but it almost is!!'"

Washington, U.S. Coast Survey, 1853; One in a series of charts of the Chesapeake Bay area made during the survey of the Bay, begun in 1843, This serves as a key to topographic and hydrographic sheets and shows the triangulation of of the Chesapeake…
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