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Class of 1822. Bachelor of arts, lawyer, member of VA Senate, court attorney who prosecuted John Brown and got him hanged. Member of the Confederate States Congress on the staff of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Died Nov. 21, 1880, in Charlestown, West…

Class of 1852. Major C.S.A. on J.E.B. Stuart. A daring soldier. One of Stuart's most valuable scouts. For sketch of him, see Alice Reid Rouse's 'The Reads and their Relatives'. p. 170

Judge of 17th Judicial Circuit. HS Record

"This snap-shot was taken after the rally at homecoming Oct. 5th. Billy is wearing that was given to him 48 years prior when he coached and captained the first Tiger football team. He has since donated the sweater to Coach Bernier for the Tiger…

Rev. Hermann Bischof; 09, Pastor Rehoboth Pres. Chr.

Addressing Homecoming Audience

"Born March 25th 1832. Died December 18th 1917" Class of 1858 from Appomattox, VA

"Picture taken 1859. (NOT one who killed Lours Eppes in Cushing)" Class of 1858, from Appomattox, VA. Born March 25th 1832. Died December 18th 1917.

Born in Richmond, VA on Jan. 20, 1920. Died in Germany in 1944.
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