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  • Collection: John Wayt Cosby Architectural Drawings

Full-sized detail drawing of the front face of the main building and tower cornice bracket (cantilever) including acanthus, tongue-and-dart, bead-and-double-reel moldings. Signed: "John W Cosby Archt/ Raleigh/Jan 14th 1862 N.C." Condition: good, some…

Full-size, side and front elevation drawings for the exterior eaves and cornice of the portico and bay window, including details of gutter and interlacing pendant eaves arcades. Architectural moldings include acanthus, tongue-and-dart, bead-and-reel,…

Two drawings on a single sheet including detailed drawing to scale of cornice and console of window head for interior windows in principal rooms, calling for acanthus, rosette, and scroll decorative carving and a section for a typical window and door…

Sheet of four drawings including a small scale elevation of the front door, fanlight, side panels and lights (no. 18), full scale renderings of portico column (no. 15), capital (no. 16), and base (no. 17). Each drawing individually signed and dated,…

Side and front elevation of cornice, console and base block of parlor and dining rooms decorated with scrolling acanthus, rosette, bead and reel, egg and dart, and bead and reel moldings. Condition: good with some edge tears, lined with mulberry (?)…

One sheet with three drawings, each labeled separately: no. 24 detail plans of window; no. 25 plan and sections for fireplace (information on the mantel missing); and no. 26 section detail for 'wash board' Poor condition; lined with mulberry (?)…

Image of an actual scale drawing of specifications for weatherboard. Includes instructions for fabrication and finish. Condition: good. [unsigned] "No. 27 / Plan of Weatherboarding" In-house finding aid item number 23

Unsigned, the bottom part of an acanthus decoration in profile. Must be an extension on another drawing. Condition: good

Unsigned. Full-scale detail of cornice molding and architrave, this drawing is the lower extension of "Plan No. 9, Cornice and Cantilever of Main Building," showing a profile view of lower half from wall from volute scroll to architrave. Unsigned.…

Reverse of drawing - pencil sketch of moldings barely visible through mulberry backing paper.
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