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Class of 1791. Son of Capt. John Morton of Morton Hall. Born in Prince Edward County, VA in Nov. 18, 1772. Died Bordeaux, France about 1840. Sent by Mr. [unintelligible] P. Morton Jr. 1936.

Members of the Executive Committee, General Alumni Association, Hampden-Sydney College, VA 1931. Taken October 1931 left to right: Thomas J. McIlwaine, Harold J. Dudley, Wyndham Blanton, Frank S. Johns, Wm. W. Martin, Wm. F. Spotswood, Wm. M. Kemper,…

1874. Enlargement from a photograph owned by Ms. Shrathy. This enlargement was made by Crowder [unintelligible], Farmville, VA. January 1942.

Class of 1813. Reproduced from a small picture taken from a miniature, through the courtesy of a H.L. [unintelligible] of Albemarle Co. VA, May 1941. We have the negative, made by the S. [unintelligible] Co. in Richmond, VA.

Class of 1868. From a photograph sent January 1937 by his sister Mrs. J. S. Royster.

Dr. Isaac Coles, 1837, of Halifax Co., VA. Surgeon in the C.S.A. He was one of the 600 officers of the C.S.A. who were taken from Ft. Delaware + Johnson Island; Prisoners, carried to Charleston, S.C. harbor(?), and exposed to the Federal officers to…

Class of 1858. C.S.A. killed at Petersburg, VA. This is from a picture owned by Mrs. Florence Prall of Buckingham, VA. Reproduced Dec. 1938, by Kirk H [unintelligible].

"L to R: Robert 'Bobby' Patrick Moore, John 'Jack' Andrews Moore, Ray 'Ray Jr.' Atkinson Moore."

21 December, 1978. Taken in Philip Key's Home.

Richmond College '11. R-Bill Bull who coached and captained the first Tiger football team 42 years before photo taken. Photo taken at annual banquet at Richmond Chapter of Alumni Association held November 1, 1940. At the game the next day the two…

Rev. Hermann Bischof; 09, Pastor Rehoboth Pres. Chr.

Class of 1939

Homecoming speaker 1937
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