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Oral history interview between Aaron Moorer and James Ghee, conducted on April 26, 2021.

Oral History Interview between Parker Mason and Leslie "Skip" Griffin, conducted on April 14, 2021.

Oral History interview between Aaron Moorer and Alphonso O'Neil-White, conducted on April 30, 2021.

Reid (1).m4a
Oral History Interview between Tyler Lohman and "Chuckie" Reid, conducted on April 22, 2021.

Robinson (1).m4a
Oral History Interview between Carson Box and T. Burwell Robinson, Jr., conducted on April 13, 2021.

"Electoral Board: Show Your True Colors!" - Author Unknown - The School Board Chairman has resigned and there is a call for a Black community member to be appointed. / "Selective Buying Campaign Ends" - Author Unknown -Selective Buying Committee…

"Moon Success: Earthly Hunger" - Author Unknown - A column questioning the benefits of the space program when so much needs to be done in the United States to improve the lives of citizens. / "Church Closes Doors to Five Worshippers" - Author Unknown…

Miller Gives Away Thousands - Author Unknown - Dr. N. P. Miller donates $10,000 to Howard University School of Denistry. / "Red Cross: Part of Conspiracy?" - Author Unknown - The author questions whether the Red Cross is purposefully conspiring to…

"Credo" - Robert R. Moton - A quote from Robert R. Moton / "The Rev. Mr. Griffin Speaks" - L. Francis Griffin, Sr., Pastor - L. F. Griffin writes to set the record straight on issues pertaining to him. / "PTA Members Locked Out" - Robert R. Moton -…

"Six Years Later They are Learning to Read" - Author Unknown - About five hundred children and adults in Prince Edward County are learning how to read and write as students in Operation Catch-Up" in the summer of 1965. / "Headstart" - Darwyn White -…

"Plans to Make Green Bay Model Recreation Area" - Larry Hines -"The Green Bay District has been chosen as the site for a model area for year around recreation free to the whole community." / "Employment...You and Your Rights" - Leslie F. Griffin, Jr.…

"Nation Has New Voting Rights Act" - Author Unknown -The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is explored. / "Visiting Science Program Here" - Author Unknown -Traveling scientists present to children in the Operation Catch-Up program. / "Peace Corps Needs…

"Scholarship Aid Available for Students Here" - Otis Jackson - A call to students to begin thinking about college and necessary aid and preparation required. / "Education Act Will Aid Educationally Deprived" -Larry Hines - The benefits of the…

"Homemaking Service in Planning Stage for P.E." - Frances Dove - The Community Action Group, Inc. is in the planning stages for a large homemaking program for the women of the community hopefully funded by the War on Poverty. / "Donations Needed" -…

"Civic Council Lists Plans in Nottoway" - Miss A. Savary - The Nottoway County committee that sparked County Negroes to desegregate...has been re-organized and renamed the Nottoway Civic Development Council and is branching out into other areas for…
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