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H-SC Archives staff are working hard to make digital scans of our most unique primary source material and archival items available on this platform. In the future, born-digital items such as pertinent email correspondence, oral history recordings, and research data may be stored here as well. 

There are a variety of ways to access material on this site. Researchers may look for individual scans or digital files, known as Items, by clicking the "Search All Digital Files" option in the menu to the left. All items are searchable by title, as well as by tags and a variety of metadata fields. 

Certain items have been added to the site as a result of being digitized as a collection or exhibition. Collections contain related items gathered together with little to no textual interpretation. Exhibits, on the other hand, are similar to what one might find in a museum or cultural heritage center, and are frequently curated. Exhibits offer researched historical interpretation, often performed by library faculty, public history faculty, or museum staff.

Recently Added Items

Spiers House


Reverse of drawing - pencil sketch of moldings barely visible through mulberry backing paper. Note: Relates to recto, shared shelf # 12629322.

Spiers House, Cornice Molding and Architrave, unlabeled (lower extension of No. 9)


Unsigned. Full-scale detail of cornice molding and architrave, this drawing is the lower extension of "Plan No. 9, Cornice and Cantilever of Main…

Spiers House, architectural detail (extension of another drawing?)


Unsigned, the bottom part of an acanthus decoration in profile. Must be an extension on another drawing. Condition: good Note: This drawing is an…

Spiers House, Weatherboard Detail


Image of an actual scale drawing of specifications for weatherboard. Includes instructions for fabrication and finish. Condition: good. [unsigned]…

Spiers House, Nos 24, 25, 26 Window Finish Detail, Fireplace Plan, Wash Board Detail


One sheet with three drawings, each labeled separately: no. 24 detail plans of window; no. 25 plan and sections for fireplace (information on the…

Spiers House, No 19, No 20, No 21 Cornice and Console and Base Block of Doors of Parlour and Dining Room


Side and front elevation of cornice, console and base block of parlor and dining rooms decorated with scrolling acanthus, rosette, bead and reel, egg…